We all live in the Natural Environment, containing Land, Water and Air. We do share this environment with Animals and Plants. As primitive men we were Nomads and moving from place to place, as to the availability of food and water and shelter. Man covered almost every corner of the earth with his foot prints, even in the poles of the earth.

Soon he learned to domesticate animals, grow plants  and to make safe and permanent places of stay. He hunted for his needs and found ways to preserve food by cooking in Fire or drying in Sun light.

He applied his mind and developed mechanization of activities that were commonly carried out by human. He started to travel to other satellites of the Solar system, burrowed into the center of the earth and Mapped the floor of the great Oceans. He designed spares for his own body and devised ways to steer away from diseases and catastrophies.

Environment could be divided into two portions: the immediate surrounding to be Micro environment and the  portion outer to the micro environment to be the Macro environment.

The Environment is not clean today, not only here but also any place in the world. Take the case of North and South poles of the world. You can find that these places have been contaminated  even with Nuclear debris. The Earth could be noted as having thickly populated Urban areas, less populated Villages and thinly populated Forest areas. Depending on the density of the population the environment gets polluted. The most polluted urban area will be having more unhealthy people.


Air is an essential component of any living being, whether it is Humans, Animals or Plants. Naturally occurring air is not pure but contains dust of various materials, pollen grains, any kind of fumes or smoke that is mixing with it.


Water is a natural resource and is available in ponds, streams, rivers and in the sea. Water evaporates during day time due to Sun’s light and heat. Water is replenished by Rains. Rain water is considered to be pure among naturally available water. Water bodies sustain many living organisms ie animals and plants.


Earth is the basic platform where Humans, Animals and Plants strive to live and reproduce. It is made up of sand, clay, rocks, minerals, coal, water existing in different or varying combination.

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