biomedical engineering

Medical devices are of varying kind from the simple Hypodermic syringe to the sophisticated Heart valve. You may note that, this branch of medicine has been called spare part Medicine.medical devices are Controlled by Government regulations to assure the safety of the patient.


  1. Biomedical Devices [4hrs]
    1. Introduction to Biomedical Devices
    2. Classification of biomedical Devices
    3. Biomaterials
    4. History and present status of Biomedical devices
  2. Safety in the use of Biomedical Devices [ 4 Hours]
    1. The design and manufacture of biomedical devices
    2. Built in safety factors in the production of Biomedical Devices
    3. Assessment of safety in the use of medical Devices
    4. Toxicology of medical devices and its application
  3. Regulation of Biomedical Devices [2 Hours]
    1. at National Level
    2. at International Level

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