Animal welafare

Raising animals at home as pets or for profits are covered by Regulations. Caring and Maintaining laboratory Animals for breeding or Experiments are also covered by Regulations, which are strictly Supervised and Controlled.. These rules are enacted by the Indian Parliament  to assure the welfare of Animals. Discussions / Classes and Trainings are available at our end, for the Topics given below.

  1. Care and Management of Laboratory Animals
  2. Care and management of Farm Animals.
  3. Handling of Experimental Animals.
  4. Facing regulatory Inspections of Research Animal Facility.
  5. SOP for Institutional Animals Ethic Committee Members.
  6. Documentation in Animal facility.
  7. Registration of Animal Research facility.
  8. Biology of  Mice
  9. Rat
  10. Guinea pigs
  11. Rabbits
  12. Hamster
  13. Gerbil
  14. Mastomys

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