waste management

Waste materials were considered as useless materials and something to be thrown away or disposed off from the site of Origin in the past. At present waste is money and something to be taken care of from the site of its origin and safely Recycled or Disposed off.

Waste could be classified according to the source and nature, like Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Hospital, Drainage etc. etc. Electronic waste and Waste scattered in the Outer Space are also to be noted as waste materials that needs to be counted and taken care of. Now we know that wastes can bring in various hazards to the living beings and even could pose as cause for Total destruction of life on the earth. We can observe that at present waste means a bundle of Organic material, Chemicals, Plastics, Composits, Rubber materials, Metals, Glass and Ceramics, Batteries, Oils, all kinds of Petrochemicals, Drugs, Granites, Waste water, Smoke and Fumes etc. etc.

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