biomedical instruments

The Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation describes the physiological basis and engineering principles of various electromedical equipment. It also includes information on the principles of operation and the performance parameters of a wide range of instruments.This comprehensive handbook covers:Recording and monitoring instruments Measurement and analysis techniques, Modern imaging systems,Therapeutic equipment .The revised edition has been thoroughly updated taking into consideration the technological innovations and the introduction of new and improved methods of medical diagnosis and treatment



  1. Introduction: 3 hours
    1. Classification of Biomedical Equipments
    2. elementary Human Physiology
    3. Uses and safety aspects
  2. Safety Precautions during Installation: 2 Hours
    1. Infrastructure for installation
    2. Annual Maintenance Contract and Warranty
    3. Training of the biomedical Technician and the clinician involved.
  3. Documentation- 2 Hours
    1. Indenting and Purchase
    2. AMC
    3. Warranty
    4. Daily Use
    5. AMC/Fault/Repair
  4. Safety Aspects: Biological /Medical -3 Hours
    1. Prescription Records
    2. Patient Consent Forms
    3. Risks for the Engineer/Technician and the Environment
    4. Risks for the patient
  5. Efficiency of Biomedical Instruments and contribution to patient care – 1 Hour

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